Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

'Farewell' is always the first word for a new chapter in your life...

 ...but that doesnt mean that the other chapters will disappear.
Man I'm just too lazy that i could hit myself. Almost one week after my Farewell-party and I have not  posted anything about it (remember I changed university).
Ok now my farewell-party. First I have to thank everyone for coming. Damn it was only 1 year but so much happened and I really wont forget that time. You guys are amazing! Thank you for taking me in your 'group' with such kindness.
I dont know how you are thinking about me but to be honest I dont dislike anyone in Zw. Of course there were times I couldnt agree with one person but everyone has his own point of view and characteristics. I had the chance to find real friends, good friends, beautiful friends and to grow in experience.
Our future is uncertain but thankfully there is facebook and all that stuff so we can keep in touch haha. I will definitely miss the times. There were sad moments,too. But without the bad moments we wouldnt know what real happiness is and wouldnt appreciate them. I'm starting to be emotional here so I better stop haha.(hopefully you wont read this post because its really embarrassing for me)
Thank you...<3

-xoxo your Gossip Boy-

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