Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

Man with a Vision

Yai its me again.

I've pulled an all-nighter and havent slept at all, because in a few hours I will write my 3rd exam and I was learning the whole night :(. Wish me luck my lovely readers.
HAHA I look so fucked up, you can see it on the pics I have uploaded =)).                                                    
Ok and here's a video have made 2 months ago, but I havent had the chance to upload it.
We were chilling at a friends house and were making hotdogs.
I just had the idea to put everything into the bread that you usually dont...and start some sort of cooking-show and named it 'Master of Mikrowelle-(German word for microwave), because I'm a bad cook and love fast and nice meals that you just have to put into the microwave haha.

Unfortunately the video is in German, I'm sorry for all people who dont understand German.
Nonetheless please enjoy the video!
But I will list you the ingredients so that you can imagine how it tasted ;)

- Bread
- Curry Sausage
- Mam Tep (dont know the name neither German nor English)
- Apple puree
- Pesto Rosso
- Sung Muoi
- Tofu
- Fried Onions
------->Microwave------>Kamikaze-KillerDog (stupid name xD)

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-GB you know you love me-

Montag, 7. Februar 2011

You have one missed call~~

Guess whos back...Gossip Boy haha. I'm so sorry guys for being absent for a long time.
I had to prepare for my exams and I was busy (and lazy of course)
But dont you worry guys, GB is back with many new funny and interesting stories and information!!!
**We have 2011**
Yeah its a little to late but I wish you a happy new year.
Btw Chinese New Year was on February 3rd and its the year of the Rabbit.

Today was my first exam and  I have to admit it was easier than I thought it would be. (I will fail anyway xD)
Tomorrow is the second one so I have to study. Just wanted to say that Im back and sorry for the absent time. Didnt hear you were calling for me ;). If you didnt I dont care, you have to live with it xDD