Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

Even if the world ends tomorrow, I will plant an apple tree today.

New day new hope.
...yet another stressful day. A friend of mine told me that I should start organizing my farewell party and time is ticking. I have faith in myself haha and we all know hope dies last.
The message of my title is about hope and never to give up. Take in mind that no matter how painful or sad the situation you have to look forward and jump over that hurdle. There is always a tomorrow and YOU decide whether you want to sit around doing nothing or 'plant an apple tree' so it can grow like you do.
The apple tree symbolizes hope. Of course small at the beginning but it grows until it becomes a big tree. I dont want to say that you should push yourself. Even a tree needs some time until it bears fruits. So I wish you guys a nice day and mark my words.
Btw the world wont end tomorrow xD

-xoxo Your Gossip Boy-

Or if you're feeling down just think of me has the same effect haha

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