Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Take me out on a second date

Did I mention yesterday that i moved to my new home due to change of university. I dont want to remember it. We couldnt find that damn adress and drove like 40minutes in circles...but I really like my new apartment and at he same time I want to go back. All my precious friends and the moments we gone through. Just thinking about it makes me kinda sad :(

Maybe you have realized that the name of my titles have nothing to do with the post itself. You dont have to understand haha. Just want to be a little creative hehe

So today is Friday and I will go back to my old place and meet some friends. Oh and I have to buy a mirror!!! Very important! Men have to look good to hit on girls ;)

Stay tuned and have a nice day
your Gossip Boy - I'm so hot -

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  1. ''Men have to look good to hit on girls'',
    ''- I'm so hot -''
    you're just selfish!! xD