Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

'Farewell' is always the first word for a new chapter in your life...

 ...but that doesnt mean that the other chapters will disappear.
Man I'm just too lazy that i could hit myself. Almost one week after my Farewell-party and I have not  posted anything about it (remember I changed university).
Ok now my farewell-party. First I have to thank everyone for coming. Damn it was only 1 year but so much happened and I really wont forget that time. You guys are amazing! Thank you for taking me in your 'group' with such kindness.
I dont know how you are thinking about me but to be honest I dont dislike anyone in Zw. Of course there were times I couldnt agree with one person but everyone has his own point of view and characteristics. I had the chance to find real friends, good friends, beautiful friends and to grow in experience.
Our future is uncertain but thankfully there is facebook and all that stuff so we can keep in touch haha. I will definitely miss the times. There were sad moments,too. But without the bad moments we wouldnt know what real happiness is and wouldnt appreciate them. I'm starting to be emotional here so I better stop haha.(hopefully you wont read this post because its really embarrassing for me)
Thank you...<3

-xoxo your Gossip Boy-

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Double Vision

..................I'm thinking maybe, I can't have relationships................

...........Cause lately, they're not making any sense..........

..........And baby, you're the one thing on my mind but that can change anytime...........

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Dont judge me by my past, because it's what I used to be. Judge me for the person I have become.

Once upon a time there was a boy who named himself T-ca$h haha. He tried to be cool by using a hot Nickn. xD
He had so much ideas on his mind that he didnt know what to do with all that creativity. So he started some projects which are called 'T-cash-Production' haha. No matter whether it was in music, style or art. Everything he did was officially T$-P, but hes long gone now. He had to change and grow up,(because it would be too embarrassing to keep that name xD). Nonetheless there are some remains of his glorious days and i will show you some of them.

              ...WE --Love--> T-ca$h...

...haha dont know if you can read it...

               ...T$ is the official T-ca$h Logo haha...

...this was not my own idea...
     was my first selfprinted shirt. I was testing...

               ...YES T-ca$h Production is written on it with official Face-Logo ($.$) xD...

...there are some more cool T$-Ps but I dont have the time nor photos to show you...

btw T-ca$h means...T for Trung and ca$h for Money of course stupid I know

Thats it, have a nice day.
-xoxo your Gossip Boy-

Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

Even if the world ends tomorrow, I will plant an apple tree today.

New day new hope.
...yet another stressful day. A friend of mine told me that I should start organizing my farewell party and time is ticking. I have faith in myself haha and we all know hope dies last.
The message of my title is about hope and never to give up. Take in mind that no matter how painful or sad the situation you have to look forward and jump over that hurdle. There is always a tomorrow and YOU decide whether you want to sit around doing nothing or 'plant an apple tree' so it can grow like you do.
The apple tree symbolizes hope. Of course small at the beginning but it grows until it becomes a big tree. I dont want to say that you should push yourself. Even a tree needs some time until it bears fruits. So I wish you guys a nice day and mark my words.
Btw the world wont end tomorrow xD

-xoxo Your Gossip Boy-

Or if you're feeling down just think of me has the same effect haha

Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

live, love, laugh to the fullest

I was just watching some movies on youtube and i found this here. nigahiga - hes absolutely one of the funniest guys on youtube haha
Check the videos


(dancer is Victor Kim from Quest Crew)


3 BEST CREW - The Audition

-You know you love me ;)-
your Gossip Boy

Love the conversations we never had

Today was soooo hot. Its 4:37am and cant sleep because I feel really good...cant explain but the last few days were really fun.

too bad i dont have any pictures

have you ever taken a walk on a country road by midnight?
haha some of you might think this is crazy, childish or freaky? whatever i dont care haha
too be honest i was really down on that day but city with my friends was fun and then shishen???(dont know in english haha) with my homeboys.
after that me and my friend Long didnt want to go home -btw it was 11:30pm- and so we took a walk and talked about our sorrows and problems...even men can have a serious talk ;)
suddenly i said to him that we should just follow this road and so we did
Dont get me wrong i really love horror movies and i 'm not scared at all watching them but if you do it yourself like in movies...damn!!!
You just have to imagine 2 guys on an empty road and theres not a single sound...silence.
everything looks scary by night. to be honest we even screamed when a big leaf was suddenly falling down a tree...after that you can really laugh the sh** out of you because you talk to yourself 'man just a leaf' HAHHAA it was really really have to try it out but please be careful and never alone xD
OH and if you want to forget all your problems and sorrows for a short time this midnight walk is the are just too scared to think of anything else ;)

boring afternoon - just walking around with no plan
evening - amusement park if you can call it that xD...with LanVin, Yen , Han, Vinh, Long, Vu, Nocky and me haha...i really had my fun.
I do have some pictures...i will upload them ;)

Later on we drove to chemnitz...uninteresting but it was fun, too.

This weekend was dope. i feel good ;)
ok thats it for today. i gotta go to bed now.

I promise that i will upload more pictures to make my blog more interesting ;)

Good night everyone and kiss your mothers on the cheek
-xoxo Gossip Boy-

Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Take me out on a second date

Did I mention yesterday that i moved to my new home due to change of university. I dont want to remember it. We couldnt find that damn adress and drove like 40minutes in circles...but I really like my new apartment and at he same time I want to go back. All my precious friends and the moments we gone through. Just thinking about it makes me kinda sad :(

Maybe you have realized that the name of my titles have nothing to do with the post itself. You dont have to understand haha. Just want to be a little creative hehe

So today is Friday and I will go back to my old place and meet some friends. Oh and I have to buy a mirror!!! Very important! Men have to look good to hit on girls ;)

Stay tuned and have a nice day
your Gossip Boy - I'm so hot -