Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

Love the conversations we never had

Today was soooo hot. Its 4:37am and cant sleep because I feel really good...cant explain but the last few days were really fun.

too bad i dont have any pictures

have you ever taken a walk on a country road by midnight?
haha some of you might think this is crazy, childish or freaky? whatever i dont care haha
too be honest i was really down on that day but city with my friends was fun and then shishen???(dont know in english haha) with my homeboys.
after that me and my friend Long didnt want to go home -btw it was 11:30pm- and so we took a walk and talked about our sorrows and problems...even men can have a serious talk ;)
suddenly i said to him that we should just follow this road and so we did
Dont get me wrong i really love horror movies and i 'm not scared at all watching them but if you do it yourself like in movies...damn!!!
You just have to imagine 2 guys on an empty road and theres not a single sound...silence.
everything looks scary by night. to be honest we even screamed when a big leaf was suddenly falling down a tree...after that you can really laugh the sh** out of you because you talk to yourself 'man just a leaf' HAHHAA it was really really have to try it out but please be careful and never alone xD
OH and if you want to forget all your problems and sorrows for a short time this midnight walk is the are just too scared to think of anything else ;)

boring afternoon - just walking around with no plan
evening - amusement park if you can call it that xD...with LanVin, Yen , Han, Vinh, Long, Vu, Nocky and me haha...i really had my fun.
I do have some pictures...i will upload them ;)

Later on we drove to chemnitz...uninteresting but it was fun, too.

This weekend was dope. i feel good ;)
ok thats it for today. i gotta go to bed now.

I promise that i will upload more pictures to make my blog more interesting ;)

Good night everyone and kiss your mothers on the cheek
-xoxo Gossip Boy-

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  1. yehaaa it was a great day :)i just have to mention the 'Flipper' & you'll enter a trance.chubby FREAK!8)