Montag, 1. November 2010

Dear Mr Death, I dont want to die because Miss Life is loving me too much right now.

This weekend was definitely one of the good ones. New faces, new places...

Can you imagine how death looks like...I think I can!!!
My friend T told me about a store that offers extreme spicy currywurst. I'm a person who loves trying new things so we went there. First I said to myself that it cant be that spicy and the people who cried after eating it are pussies, but i was so wrong!!! I cried 3 times on that day because of the curry xD. An unbearable taste that just wont dissapear that easily. I thought i would die haha.
So everyone who has enough courage should try it ;).


I met T's friends and i have to admit they are not the type of people i would normally hang out with, but Hey they are funny and friendly people and you can talk and laugh with them. It was really fun.

Halloween and I didnt know what to do. I thought a surprise visit would be cool so I went to 'King' and we were watching a movie and so weekend ends and tommorrow university will start again -.-

 -xoxo GB-
You know you love me