Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

S4 what you want more?

You think that you dont have the money for a Samsung Galaxy S4? Why dont you try to win it then?
1&1 has started a tombola where you can win a S4. All you have to do is looking at the winning page and write a short comment what you like about the S4 und dont forget your name and e-mail adress ;)

Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

Man with a Vision

Yai its me again.

I've pulled an all-nighter and havent slept at all, because in a few hours I will write my 3rd exam and I was learning the whole night :(. Wish me luck my lovely readers.
HAHA I look so fucked up, you can see it on the pics I have uploaded =)).                                                    
Ok and here's a video have made 2 months ago, but I havent had the chance to upload it.
We were chilling at a friends house and were making hotdogs.
I just had the idea to put everything into the bread that you usually dont...and start some sort of cooking-show and named it 'Master of Mikrowelle-(German word for microwave), because I'm a bad cook and love fast and nice meals that you just have to put into the microwave haha.

Unfortunately the video is in German, I'm sorry for all people who dont understand German.
Nonetheless please enjoy the video!
But I will list you the ingredients so that you can imagine how it tasted ;)

- Bread
- Curry Sausage
- Mam Tep (dont know the name neither German nor English)
- Apple puree
- Pesto Rosso
- Sung Muoi
- Tofu
- Fried Onions
------->Microwave------>Kamikaze-KillerDog (stupid name xD)

(please subscribe and read the description. ty)
-GB you know you love me-

Montag, 7. Februar 2011

You have one missed call~~

Guess whos back...Gossip Boy haha. I'm so sorry guys for being absent for a long time.
I had to prepare for my exams and I was busy (and lazy of course)
But dont you worry guys, GB is back with many new funny and interesting stories and information!!!
**We have 2011**
Yeah its a little to late but I wish you a happy new year.
Btw Chinese New Year was on February 3rd and its the year of the Rabbit.

Today was my first exam and  I have to admit it was easier than I thought it would be. (I will fail anyway xD)
Tomorrow is the second one so I have to study. Just wanted to say that Im back and sorry for the absent time. Didnt hear you were calling for me ;). If you didnt I dont care, you have to live with it xDD

Freitag, 26. November 2010

Girl: Let us grow old together! Boy: No Way, i dont want to get old. Let us stay young together!

It's been so long ago since my last post. Maybe I'm getting old because I'm so tired lately.
I cant complain about my life but i feel like that there are so many things i want to do but dont have the time. The exams are coming and I'm kinda stressed...

My plan for this weekend
- friday: party party
- saturday: relaxing and watching movies at TD's house
- sunday: something special

-xoxo GB-

Dienstag, 16. November 2010

You are the one and only girl in this whole wide world that I dont want.

I spent the weekend in Berlin because it was the birthday party of a good friend. This week is also a birthday party and next week 3 friends who want to celebrate their birthday and I'm invited. So exhausting.
No need to write so much about this weekend because the images speak for themselves ;)...but I didnt drink so much because I gave myself a promise. So proud of myself haha.

Berlin Lifestyle! This is Party!

haha such a noob

bunch of crazy freaks


haha U&Me <3

My two you <3

Dance like there's no tomorrow

Party all the time!

-xoxo Gossip Boy-

Montag, 8. November 2010

I'm thinking about you 25 hours a day and it doesnt make any sense!

 some random pics...out of boredom

-xoxo GB-

The Colours of Autumn

There are moments when I just feel like listen to this kind of music.
People hanging out with me wouldnt guess that i like classic songs from time to time haha. 
You can laugh but I dont care.
This subdued melody calms me down, 
especially after a excessive weekend like this one.
I did things that I am not really proud of. 
I disappointed many people and some people I really like and care about.
Sorry T. that i did it on your birthday.

You lie in your bed, close your eyes and think about the mistakes that you did,
or just listening to the soft sound and think about whatever you want haha.
Just try it. It's relaxing

Montag, 1. November 2010

Dear Mr Death, I dont want to die because Miss Life is loving me too much right now.

This weekend was definitely one of the good ones. New faces, new places...

Can you imagine how death looks like...I think I can!!!
My friend T told me about a store that offers extreme spicy currywurst. I'm a person who loves trying new things so we went there. First I said to myself that it cant be that spicy and the people who cried after eating it are pussies, but i was so wrong!!! I cried 3 times on that day because of the curry xD. An unbearable taste that just wont dissapear that easily. I thought i would die haha.
So everyone who has enough courage should try it ;).


I met T's friends and i have to admit they are not the type of people i would normally hang out with, but Hey they are funny and friendly people and you can talk and laugh with them. It was really fun.

Halloween and I didnt know what to do. I thought a surprise visit would be cool so I went to 'King' and we were watching a movie and so weekend ends and tommorrow university will start again -.-

 -xoxo GB-
You know you love me

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

'Farewell' is always the first word for a new chapter in your life...

 ...but that doesnt mean that the other chapters will disappear.
Man I'm just too lazy that i could hit myself. Almost one week after my Farewell-party and I have not  posted anything about it (remember I changed university).
Ok now my farewell-party. First I have to thank everyone for coming. Damn it was only 1 year but so much happened and I really wont forget that time. You guys are amazing! Thank you for taking me in your 'group' with such kindness.
I dont know how you are thinking about me but to be honest I dont dislike anyone in Zw. Of course there were times I couldnt agree with one person but everyone has his own point of view and characteristics. I had the chance to find real friends, good friends, beautiful friends and to grow in experience.
Our future is uncertain but thankfully there is facebook and all that stuff so we can keep in touch haha. I will definitely miss the times. There were sad moments,too. But without the bad moments we wouldnt know what real happiness is and wouldnt appreciate them. I'm starting to be emotional here so I better stop haha.(hopefully you wont read this post because its really embarrassing for me)
Thank you...<3

-xoxo your Gossip Boy-

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Double Vision

..................I'm thinking maybe, I can't have relationships................

...........Cause lately, they're not making any sense..........

..........And baby, you're the one thing on my mind but that can change anytime...........